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Office Moves disconnect / reconnect

We can help properly disconnect any of your IT environment and set it back up for you in a new location.

Hardware and Software Procurement

We have agreements with all of the industry leading resellers to get you the lowest prices possible for all IT related hardware or software.

Free network assessment

We offer free network assessment to all clients to help you find potential vulnerabilities or upgrade options.

Wi-Fi heat mapping and Assessment

We use industry leading software to map your current Wi-Fi environment or help plan for a new wireless network. We have experience with all environments from small offices to large warehouses and can help you fix or implement the best solution for your business.

ISP Solutions for your office

We can work with all of the ISP’s in your location to find you the best and most reliable solution for your business.

Disaster Recovery

No matter what disaster has occurred in your environment, we will help get you back on your feet.

E Discovery

We can assist with any discovery needed for any reason with your data.

Consulting on upgrades and other IT related decisions

Our experienced team wants to be your business partner for all of your IT related decisions. We can help you review all options before making a large decision with your Environment. 

Other IT Related Services